Rainy Day Schedule

23 March 2018 We call it rainy day schedule. We are back in San Blas tucked in at Green Island or Kanlildup as the Gunas call it. The weather report showed 20-25 knots of breeze coming today, so we decided to find a nice anchorage with good protection from the NE winds and one that […]

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San Blas Islands

Is it March 15th already? Where does the time go? And, why haven’t we posted to our blog in so long! One answer to both questions—San Blas Islands, Panama! Over 300 islands, some so tiny, there may be only a few coconut palms swaying in the wind and other larger with settlements covering all the […]

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Colombia to Panama

On January 17th, we finally cleared out of Colombia and started our journey to San Blas Islands, Panama. After 2.5 weeks in Colombia, we were all ready to get on the open water and sail. First stop was Islas del Rosario, Colombia –an archipelago formed by 27 small islands surrounded by reefs. 140 miles and […]

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Buenos Dias Colombia

What a Sail! We left Aruba on December 30, 2017 in the late afternoon to travel about 300 nautical miles to Colombia. The wind was about 15 knots and according to Predict Wind, we would arrive on New Years Day 2018. The wind direction was between 90 and 110 degrees and our heading for most […]

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Leaving Aruba

After a fairly sketchy dock to check out of customs, and after 1.5 hours of waiting, we are finally off and headed to Santa Marta, Colombia! Easterly trade winds, 15-20 knots and we should be going downwind 85% of the time which should be lovely. Its about 300 nautical miles and our average speed should […]

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Emily’s in Town

Georgetown, Exumas – a place to refuel, provision and have a beer and pig roast at Chat n’ Chill on Stocking Island. They also have an airport to bring welcomed guests to TGT. This past week, we picked up Emily at the dinghy dock and started a weeklong love and laugh fest in the beautiful […]

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Cabarete Vacation

Wednesday, 17 February 2016 The Puerto Plata marina is a great spot for the boat, but not so much for us! We are docked right under the “Chairman’s Club” disco, restaurant and pool which is next door to “OceanWorld” – a sea world of sorts, about the size of the dolphin stadium back in SD. […]

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